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  • What area's do you visit?
    G&S likes to be as flexible as possible. We are based on the North Side of Brisbane & there is only so much we can cover unfortunately. Please understand there is only one of us & a lot of ground to cover! We will do our best to attend to your littlies haircut asap. If there are bookings already made for your area we will try to schedule you in on the same day to avoid backtracking. A travel cost may apply to your area, please check upon booking. Due to Covid unfortunately we have had to limit our areas more however we are working more from the salon as the environment can be controlled. If we dont cover your area you are more than welcome to come and visit us in Stafford Heights. There is a map on "Pricing" page that shows our main areas.

  • My child REALLY doesn't like haircuts....
    This is a lot more common than you probably know! And this is why we do it in the comfort of your child's home. The biggest help is understanding that when a child goes near a pair of scissors, the first reaction from a parent is "NO", "don't touch", "they will cut you", "hurt you", "ouchy" and so on...... BUT What happens when you take them into a hairdressing salon?? They are placed in front of a mirror, told to sit still while a stranger (in most cases) waves a pair of sharp scissors around their face, ears and head. It is ok for your little one to be scared, upset or angry about haircuts. It wont last forever and when they get past that "fear", it 99.99% wont return! The most important thing is that you educate them why we need and get haircuts, and that no matter how much they may not like it, its something that just has to be done!

  • Do I need cash
    No, We carry a mobile eftpos machine. PLEASE NOTE- I carry an eftpos machine for your convenience and don't carry any change so if you wish to pay by cash, please have the correct amount.

  • What if my child is sick the day of their appointment?
    Such is life! We understand, these things happen. If children or parents are ill, be it with the flu (bad cold), vomiting, conjunctivitis, school sores, chicken pox, measles etc parents are asked to notify Giggles & Scissors 24-12hrs (if possible, I know some of these things can come on last minute) before their appointment. It will be at Giggles & Scissors discretion as to whether to keep the appointment or reschedule. I don't charge a late cancelation fee however if Giggles & Scissors is not informed of an illness prior to the appointment we will have the right to leave before service are carried out and charge the full payment.

  • What is the minimum age do your cut hair?
    Any age is fine! If they need a haircut, then they're old enough!

  • Can I have my haircut while your here to do my child's?
    Absolutely! Giggles & Scissors has a "word of mouth" home salon in north Brisbane. Pam has been hairdressing for 21 years and has 70% adult clients. We understand how hard it can be getting out of the house for "you" time. Chat to Pam about it when you make your child's appointment.

  • Can you cut my child's hair if they have Headlice?
    Yes I'm more than happy to do this for you. We do offer Headlice treatments but also understand that the length of the hair can make it hard to maintain. I do charge a cleaning fee as everything needs extra sterilisation after this.

  • Will you fix my child's fear on the first visit?
    Simple answer, highly unlikely. But it does happen. What to expect from your first appointment. Firstly we're not magicians! We try! And have techniques that make the experience easier for everyone but please don't expect that one visit will fix your child's fear! Sometimes the first visit can actually be just as traumatic as what you have experienced in the past, however you are at home, or in the studio in a controlled environment and can attend to your child's needs without the judgment of strangers at the shops. You can pop them straight in the shower if at home or change them In the studio, give them their fav toy and let them express how they're feeling.

  • What will the first visit look like?
    On the first visit I don't like to fuss to much. Your child will be curious, may even be in melt down mode if you have spoken to him/her before I arrive. I suggest a towel of their choosing, we wrap them in it and start the process. I'm absolutely happy to have a chat to your little one to ease them into it. However some of the children I see have ASD & the longer you put it off while I'm in their space, the more it escalates. There are children who will procrastinate, want a drink, want a toy, want to go to the toilet etc. I don't advise that you allow this as it's just prolonging the experience and the best results are quick in and out approach. My theory- 99% of what I see- A child doesn't like haircuts, We make them have them in a stressful environment, hair falls on their arms, into their shirt, in their mouth all while telling them to sit still and you wondering why it's such a big issue. I just simply the process. The towel can help stop the hair from ending up everywhere in turn can help them relax a little more and more over time they trust that we will keep the hair off them. By getting in and getting it done quick they can get on with the activity they were doing or self settle after the process. The more you have it done, over time the easier it gets. I 100% recommend an occupational therapist to help you desensitise your child. Depending what area you live in I can suggest one. At the end of the day we are not hurting them, it is uncomfortable at times but it is also part of life as is brushing your teeth.

  • HELP! I can't get rid of headlice!!
    These little critters will push your patience! I have a pretty basic way of removing them. I treat, condition and comb. Removal is only about 40% of getting on top of it. It's removing them from your home, car & the kids classroom that is going to push you! The very first thing you need to do is get hold of a "Lice Breaker" Comb. I sometimes have them in stock but your best bet is to order one on line or try a local chemist. IT HAS TO BE LICE BREAKER. Nothing else will work.

    Open Monday to Thursday with late nights Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

    We would love to hear from you!

    Our preferred contact method is either Text or Email, phone calls can be harder to take during the day however feel free to leave a message and we can get back to you when possible.

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