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 " If there was one thing we used to procrastinate on, it was taking our little guy out for a haircut!
Going out to a salon was simply traumatising! For little Max and us!
Maxy is on the autism spectrum & despite being high functioning....haircuts are one thing he isn't a fan of!
We had been looking for a home hairdresser for some time when a girlfriend recommended Pam at Giggles & Scissors!!
Since then, Pam has been coming to our home for a good year & we haven't looked back!
Max adores her, so do we! She does an amazing job....with ease, speed & accuracy!
Each time Pam comes, we see improvement in Max's tolerance for haircuts...she is a superstar!
What we all find hilarious, is that after Max's haircut he regularly says "I had a great time getting a haircut with Miss Pam"!
Thanks Pam for being so brilliant! "
Kellie & Dave
 " Can recommend Pam, she came to our house and cut all our hair and it was just so much easier than going to a salon with everyone in tow!" Jane

 "Pam is great and does a great job cutting the kids hair, she is lovely. It is so much easier to have her come to the house" Melody

"Pam is brilliant & the children love her! C x"

We love Pam in our house! She just did a great job for my Daughter's first haircut! Thanks xxx" Suzie

"I don't know what I'd do without Pam. She's a star and can even cut a sleeping kid's hair! :-)" Vanessa

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    Pam ~ 0412427453

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