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Giggles & Scissors
 " If there was one thing we used to procrastinate on, it was taking our little guy out for a haircut!
Going out to a salon was simply traumatising! For little Max and us!
Maxy is on the autism spectrum & despite being high functioning....haircuts are one thing he isn't a fan of!
We had been looking for a home hairdresser for some time when a girlfriend recommended Pam at Giggles & Scissors!!
Since then, Pam has been coming to our home for a good year & we haven't looked back!
Max adores her, so do we! She does an amazing job....with ease, speed & accuracy!
Each time Pam comes, we see improvement in Max's tolerance for haircuts...she is a superstar!
What we all find hilarious, is that after Max's haircut he regularly says "I had a great time getting a haircut with Miss Pam"!
Thanks Pam for being so brilliant! "
Kellie & Dave
 " Can recommend Pam, she came to our house and cut all our hair and it was just so much easier than going to a salon with everyone in tow!" Jane

 "Pam is great and does a great job cutting the kids hair, she is lovely. It is so much easier to have her come to the house" Melody

"Pam is brilliant & the children love her! C x"

We love Pam in our house! She just did a great job for my Daughter's first haircut! Thanks xxx" Suzie

"I don't know what I'd do without Pam. She's a star and can even cut a sleeping kid's hair! :-)" Vanessa

To Make An Appointment For A Haicut Or Phone Consultation

Please send an Email or Text Message providing your Suburb, Preferred Day/Time & How Many Haircuts to

Giggles & Scissors

 0412 427 453

Please note we are based in BRISBANE QLD 

Sick Kids Policy

If children or parents are ill, be it with the flu (bad cold), vomiting, conjunctivitis, school sores, chicken pox, measles etc parents are asked to notify Giggles & Scissors 24-12hrs (if possible, I know some of these things can come on last minute) before their appointment. It will be at Giggles & Scissors discretion as to whether to keep the appointment or reschedule. I don't charge a late cancelation fee however if Giggles & Scissors is not informed of an illness prior to the appointment we will have the right to leave before service are carried out and charge the full payment.

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