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Giggles & Scissors

Phone Consultation 


We're based in Brisbane QLD so unfortunately we cant get to you Australia Wide! However we do offer a phone consultation. 

We will cover ways to help your child understand what happens when they have a haircut, why, how and when is best! 

Things you as a parent can do to prep him, what you can do to help him during the haircut and how to recover quickly after. 
How to find the best hairdresser for your child and the environment that will best suit him/her.
Special Needs Hairdressing

(Judgment free!)
I wont worry so neither should you. It all takes time and im prepared to give the little monkeys all the time they need. There hasnt been a haircut yet that I couldnt finish! 

Children's Hairdressing
First haircut certificates issued for first timers and lolly bribes included! 
(Great keep-sake!) 

Head lice treatments 
This includes head lice treatment, removal of nits and eggs from hair and after care sheet. After care products available for purchase.
Adult Appointments 
Haircuts and colours for Mum and Dad are also available in the comfort of your own home or at Giggles & Scissors Gorgeous G&S Home Studio.
Group Bookings Welcome
From play dates to play group, after school catch ups to birthday parties. Giggles & Scissors will come to you, the more the merrier!

To Make An Appointment For A Haicut Or Phone Consultation

Please send an Email or Text Message providing your Suburb, Preferred Day/Time & How Many Haircuts to

Giggles & Scissors

 0412 427 453

Please note we are based in BRISBANE QLD 

Sick Kids Policy

If children or parents are ill, be it with the flu (bad cold), vomiting, conjunctivitis, school sores, chicken pox, measles etc parents are asked to notify Giggles & Scissors 24-12hrs (if possible, I know some of these things can come on last minute) before their appointment. It will be at Giggles & Scissors discretion as to whether to keep the appointment or reschedule. I don't charge a late cancelation fee however if Giggles & Scissors is not informed of an illness prior to the appointment we will have the right to leave before service are carried out and charge the full payment.

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