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Head lice treatments 
- This includes head lice treatment, removal of nits and eggs from hair and after care sheet. After care products available for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions – Head Lice Life Cycle

  • How long do head lice live?

On a human head, head lice live up to 30 days without treatment.

  • How long does head lice live without host?

Away from someone’s head (on furniture, carpets, clothing, bedding, etc) head lice will live up to 2 days.

  • How long can head lice live in clothing?

Head lice can live up to 48 hours in clothing. After this time, they die because they cannot feed on human blood. This is what causes the itchiness on the scalp.



My Product Recommendation

# Eco Kid Lice Bom (I supply this so I can mail it to you or drop it around to you)

# Nitty Gritty Comb (Can be purchased from us for $19.95)

# A heavy conditioner/mask that will saturate the hair over the lice bom and will create easy removal of the lice and eggs. 

We know that headlice are the single biggest problem,faced by kids and their parent is every day heath.


Parasitic infestations have been shown to affect cognitive function in kids and to potentially reduce learning performance.

For school kids and their families, head lice have an impact in terms of days absent from school, time spent in eradication attempts, psychological distress and individual health.
For too long there has been a stigma in society attached to children's having head lice - and there doesn't need to be. There is a solution! 

There are 3 different stages in the life of head lice:

-  head lice eggs, also called nits

- nymphs   

- adult head lice


The life cycle of head lice means the period of time between the moment head lice eggs are laid by the female until the moment head lice die. The head lice life cycle lasts about 45 days.


Head lice reproduce very quickly. The male is a tireless lover who can fertilize 18 females in a row without having a rest. The females mate several times during their adult life, which can vary from ten to forty days, usually about 20 days. They lay up to 10 lice eggs or nits daily.


Head lice incubation period lasts about a week (from 6 to 9 days exactly), which means that head lice eggs or nits hatch occurs about a week after eggs have been laid. Head lice eggs hatch to release a nymph. The latter resembles the adult lice, but of course it is smaller, and it measures about 1 millimeter, the size of a pinhead

The adult stage is reached after approximately 7 days after three successive molts. Thus, from the laying of the egg to the emergence of adults are 17 days, and the adult will live for about 30-40 days.

The lifespan of head lice when adults is about 30 days. This means that head lice, once they have reached the adult stage, will live for about one month. Actually, they can only live about this period of time on a human host, as they need to feed on blood several times every day. Away from a human scalp, they will die within 48 hours.

  1. From Egg To Nymph: One Week
  2. From Nymph To Adult Louse: Another Week
  3. Adult Stage: One Month




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Sick Kids Policy

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